NIRI is at the forefront of sustainable nonwovens innovation

Sustainability is a global topic influencing and changing consumer behaviours and perceptions towards products, brands and industries worldwide

With the global production of plastics expected to double to about 640 million tonnes in the next 20 years, the negative environmental impacts and regulatory changes on the horizon mean full life-cycle thinking and innovation across the value chain is needed

Prof. Stephen Russell , Group Technical Director

Plastics play a crucial role in meeting the performance demands, safety and affordability of countless textile and nonwoven products used by society, but in general current methods of use and disposal are increasingly unsustainable, falling a long way short of what is needed to achieve aspirations of a zero-waste economy

How we help companies meet the sustainability challenge and grow their business

Improve new material process compatibility

Improve products recyclability

Improve products biodegradability & compostability

Improve products flushability & ocean degradability

Prototype & validate new sustainable products

Identify new market opportunities

Advise on new legislation

Provide Intelligence studies & bespoke training packages

Case Study

Decarbonising the fashion industry: meltspinning trials at NIRI and their potential for the wider nonwoven industry

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