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With world-class expertise and complete pilot-scale prototyping capability, NIRI exploits fibre and material science, as well as process engineering to design, develop, scale-up and validate nonwoven and fibre products.

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Our textile scientists and engineers can enhance product performance and accelerate innovation

Our ultimate goal is to develop IP for our customers that generates profit and helps them grow their business. All of our services are confidential so open innovation and effective collaboration can be conducted in a safe and secure environment.

This is also one of the main ways that we differentiate ourselves from universities or research institutes. We are easy to contract with, so we can focus on driving the innovation and building trusting relationships.

We service the whole of the nonwoven supply chain on a global scale, including:

Raw Materials Manufacturers


Manufacturers Converters

End Users
& Retailers

& NGOs


Bridging the gap between fundamental research and commercialisation:

Steven Neill, CTO

Using our knowledge and innovation know-how, we can identify raw materials and polymers available from the global supply chain and process them into fibres and fabrics with specific 3D architectures and target performances. Furthermore, we can develop and apply late stage added functionalisation techniques to enhance the nonwoven performance properties and product value.


Raw Material

Processing 3D Architecture


Complete pilot-scale prototyping and analytical facilities

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