Services designed to accelerate innovation

Our ultimate goal is to develop IP for our customers that generates profit and helps them grow their business. All of our services are confidential so open innovation and effective collaboration can be conducted in a safe and secure environment

Our services are designed to bridge the gap between fundamental research and commercialisation

Bespoke Consultancy

Tailored fee-for-service R&D projects, market studies and training packages.

Extended R&D Capability

Continual access to our world leading expertise and prototyping facilities via an annual contract. We assign an Innovation Partner to act as a conduit between our organisations

Prototyping & Testing

Our highly experienced production team can assist customers in pilot scale prototyping and testing

IP Licence & Sale

Development and commercialisation of our own IP, which is available for licence or sale. We also collaborate with partners to develop, fund and commercialise their initial ideas

Our Services


Unmet need analysis

Concept Development

Reverse Engineering


Composition analysis

Structure-performance relationships

Market opportunities

New Legislation



Processability evaluation


Method development

New material evaluation

Proof of concept

Technical feasibility

Value proposition


Final design

Final specification


Production transfer

Validation & supporting data

Cost reduction

Industrial problem solving

Market intelligence

We ensure target performance by exploiting fibre science, processing and geometric structure


Raw Material


3D Architecture


Using our knowledge and innovation know-how, we are able to identify raw materials and polymers available from the global supply chain and process them into fibres and fabrics with specific 3D architectures and target performances

Furthermore, we are able to develop and apply late stage added functionalisation techniques to enhance the nonwoven performance properties and product value

Identify new market opportunities

Using our extensive experience, industry know-how and network, we are in a unique position to identify new market opportunities that enable rapid market penetration and a quick return on investment. Typical services include:

  • New market identification and evaluation
  • Support for strategic decision making
  • Emerging technology insight
  • Patent drafting
VP Global Marketing, $5.2 Bn Company

NIRI has an extensive array of services that compliment our R&D capability. They have helped us identify new opportunities and then transition our ideas into full working products

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