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See you in Frankfurt for Techtextil

NIRI’s CCO, Dr. Ross Ward is attending and presenting at Techtextil in Frankfurt this week. His presentation is titled: Polyhydroxyalkanoate Nonwovens | Opportunities & Barriers’.

PHAs were first discovered in the 1920s, however, their cost, processability and properties compared to conventional plastics has always been a major barrier for market entry. However, with growing consumer awareness of climate change and waste accumulation, as well as the introduction of legislation such as the single-use plastic directive, there is now a greater opportunity and unmet need for biodegradable polymers. The aim of the presentation is to critically review the current progress of PHAs in fibre-based applications, including their synthesis route, structure and properties, opportunities and barriers to market entry and emerging technologies.

PHA is just one of the biopolymers that NIRI is helping industry to commercialise. To find out more, contact enquiries@nonwovens-innovation.com