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Introducing Airlaid Technology

NIRI’s New Business Development Manager, Dr. Ross Ward, providing a brief overview of airlaid nonwovens. Airlaying refers to a family of dry-laid web formation processes used in the manufacture of disposable, single-use products and durable products. The general properties of airlaid fabrics are high isotropicity; high loft (if required); high porosity (95-99%); high absorbency and wicking rate; soft handle; adequate tensile strength; good resilience (compression recovery); and high thermal resistance.

These properties make airlaid nonwovens suitable materials for medical textiles, hygiene and feminine products, nappies and wipes, geotextiles, roofing, insulation felts and automotive filters. In combination with NIRI’s chemical, thermal, hydroentanglement and needlepunch bonding capability, we have the ideal pilot-scale facilities for prototyping all the products listed above and more.