Surfaceskins antibacterial door pushpads launched to market

NIRI are pleased to announce the launch of Surfaceskins from October 2016 and we are now taking orders for Surfaceskins door pushpads. 

Surfaceskins are unique patented, self-disinfecting door pushpads which help prevent cross contamination and the spread of germs between individuals. 

Each time the Surfaceskins pad is pressed, the surface self-disinfects almost immediately, by releasing a small quantity of antibacterial gel via the micro-valved top sheet. This kills most of the common harmful germs in the crucial moments after passing through the door, reducing the risk of cross infection between individuals. 

Studies by the Centre for Disease Control have shown that up to 80% of hospital infections are spread through hands, including touching contaminated surfaces such as door handles and push plates. Surfaceskins were designed to tackle this issue, and independent tests in NHS laboratories have verified they kill germs in seconds -  breaking the contamination chain between door users, helping to keep staff, patients and customers infection-free, whilst working in, or visiting your facility. 

Each Surfaceskins door pushpad is effective for 7 days or 1000 activations, (whichever occurs sooner), and is easily and quickly replaced in the permanent door holster.

To learn more about Surfaceskins, please visit or email