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Innovate to grow your business

Innovation is one of the most important activities for every organisation.

Successful innovation provides the best return on investment, driving additional sales volume, achieving price premiums and reducing costs through process improvements. However, it is not easy to specialise in every specific area of R&D, nor is it easy to focus on innovation when other aspects of running a business demand time and resources.

NIRI specialises in helping companies improve their nonwoven product offering. We have a proven track record of helping companies:

  • Enhance the performance of existing products
  • Reduce the cost of existing products
  • Develop new products and intellectual property
  • Reduce the environmental impact of products
  • Resolve quality issues
  • Train employees in nonwoven science and processes

Our team has a unique combination of scientific acumen and commercial experience and expertise. Our extensive pilot facilities enable us to manufacture prototypes for testing and analysis in our state-of-the-art analytical facilities, reducing or eliminating down-time on your production lines for trials and evaluation. Our global network of contacts enables us to put together a supply chain that meets your requirements.

We have a proven record of success and over 75% of our consultancy projects originate from existing customers with new projects or recommendations. Several customers have adopted our ‘Embedded Scientist’ model where one of our technical experts works closely within their R&D team on several projects.

If you feel that a boost to your product offering would be helpful we would be delighted to discuss your requirements in complete confidence. After an initial meeting, to understand your specific requirements in detail, we prepare a full project proposal that contains defined deliverables and costs.

Please take a moment to explore our web site and see how NIRI could help to grow your business. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Latest news

    Specialist sectors

    NIRI has experience in a wide range of sectors, we have developed technologies for everything from wound dressings to building materials, from industrial filters to baby wipes. So, whatever your area of business, NIRI is capable of meeting your textile product and process development requirements.
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    Thermal Insulation
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    Food & Drink
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    Infection Control
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    Acoustic Insulation
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    Ballistic Protection
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    Sustainable Materials
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    Fire Protection
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    Spacer Fabrics
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    Cost Reduction